We are Organic because we believe this is the only path we should follow.

A citrus fruit, an apple, a plum or a cocoa bean all have a different flavour depending on how they are grown. Nature already contains perfect flavours, full aromas and exciting differences that people cannot synthesise. Our experience has taught us that only a completely naturally grown fruit will preserve all of the full and original flavours that can be included in the term "quality".

We are Organic because we are sure that the use of chemical fertilisers deadens taste and aroma notes, standardising every difference that soil and climate are able to produce. Chemical insecticides remain in the peel and can have harmful effects on the body. We use the zest and the peel of our fruits – all of the parts with the richest aroma – and this is why they need to be pure.
These are the fundamental principles of our being organic manufacturers and this is why we only use certified organic fruit and we only choose growers who consider the soil and the environment in which they work as something to preserve and to hand down to future generations, whole and healthy.

We are also explorers. We seek the perfect area for each single fruit: Sorrento for lemons, Calabria for bergamot, Ferrara for squash or plums, etc... and this is because climate and soil are the very basis of a product’s organoleptic excellence.

We started out as candied fruit makers and we have always worked to preserve the nature of the fruit.
The organoleptic properties and essential oils of the citrus fruit are able to maintain their specific qualities because they are treated slowly, with a process devised following the principle of gentleness. We try to work with the care and attention of those who don’t want to waste the richness of every substance that nature has given us.




A typical, gluten-free cake from the Ferrara area, with a chocolate heart


Chocolate made with top-quality, organically grown ingredients


Soft creams, fruits and coffee in a milk or dark chocolate shell


Hazelnut, coffee, or Sicilian pistachio creams. Gluten free and without palm oil or fat

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Palm oil free

Tenerina duo Rizzati

Tenerina Duo

The original Ferrara's cake with a chocolate heart: organic, gluten free and palm oil free. Available now in the new Duo format, even more convenient and practical to eat a tasty snack even when you're in a hurry.
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tenerina Rizzati


A soft cake with 61% cocoa pure chocolate, and a long persistence on the palate created by the high percentage of chocolate present and by the low lactose content.
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Rizzati cioccolato pralina


A top-class selection of pralines. A coating of dark chocolate surrounds soft pistachio, coffee and hazelnut cream centres.
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